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Don't let too-short or mismatched cables limit your interface with your computer. Our PS2 cables give you unprecedented range, and our numerous adaptors let you connect all your keyboard and mouse models without hassle.

And with DataPro panel-mount PS2 cables, you can installe keyboard and mouse ports virtually anywhere for easy and secure access to remote computers.

1129 IBM-PC Keyboard Extension
 The DataPro 1129 series Keyboard Extension cable for the IBM-PC is a high-quality imported molded cable for ancient keyboards and other legacy DIN components.

112939 Keyboard Adaptor CD05F/MD06M
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The DataPro 112939FM and 112939MF keyboard adaptors allow the user to adapt between 5-pin (AT style) and 6-pin (PS2 style) keyboards and CPU keyboard ports. It is highly unlikely that anybody would ever need to do this nowadays, but just in case, here at DataPro we will continue to offer it.

1134 IBM-PC Keyboard Cable KB5 M/M
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The DataPro 1134 series cable is a straight-through 5-pin DIN cable, ideal for MIDI interface devices or to connect a keyboard or computer keyboard port to a data switch. What?!

1139-FF PS2 Splicer/Coupler MD06FF
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Couple two PS2 cables together in a snap with our PS2 splicer. This small adaptor features two female MD06 jacks, perfect for splicing a keyboard or mouse to an extension cable or... to each other? No, actually, don't do that.

1139-Y PS2 'Y' Splitter Adaptor M-F-F
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Does your laptop have only one PS2 port, but is labeled for both keyboards and mice? Use both a PS2 mouse and keyboard on your laptop with DataPro's Y-splitter cable. Designed specifically for laptops with one PS2 port, this convenient Y-cable provides two female PS2 ports for any standard keyboard and mouse.

1139 PS2 Extension Cable MD06MF
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Position your keyboards and mice where you need them without worrying over signal loss and lagtime. DataPro's shielded PS2 extension cables will increase distance without fuss.

1159 PS2 (IBM-PC KB6/Mouse) Cable MD06MM
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Connect a computer's PS2 keyboard and mouse to KVM switches or data switches easily, using DataPro's stock PS2 cables. These cables provide a simple solution to wiring PS2 ports up to very long distances without signal loss or distortion, and are stocked in many lengths or available custom-built.

1169 PS2 Panel-Mount Extension Cable
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Mount PS2 keyboard and mouse ports on bulkheads, panels, and plates with DataPro's exclusive line of PS2 panel-mount cables. Well-shielded and durable, these mounting PS2 cables can provide access to remote computers and hardware with easy termination and an attractive finish.

1906 PS2 Panel-Mount to PCB Motherboard
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The DataPro 1906 cable is a chassis expansion ribbon cable, connecting from a 10-pin port on the Pentium-Class motherboard to a 6-pin PS2 port on the PC backplane, using an 'L' bracket.

CCK-PS2 Keystone PS2 Coupler
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Add a PS2 passthrough coupler to a Keystone-equipped panel, plate, or bulkhead with this convenient connector.

UK-100 USB to PS2 Keyboard & Mouse
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Using PS2 keyboards and mice has never been easier than with this USB converter. Two color-coded PS2 ports adapt a keyboard and mouse, and the single USB plug saves space on your computer.

UX2 USB Keyboard / Mouse to PS2 Adaptor
 Does your computer have PS2 ports, but not USB? That's terribly unfortunate, but don't fret. We've got the solution!

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