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Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI) was the king of sequential and redundant drive arrays with extreme bandwidth and speed, and DataPro will keep your legacy SCSI equipment up and running for years to come. Our premium SCSI cables can connect your systems via top-grade wire for maximum performance, and can be custom-manufactured for your particular case or drive arrangement.

Additionally, we stock a complete range of adaptors for DB25, DB50, HS50, DH68, UHD80, and more, so you can interface any type of SCSI device with any bus, while our terminators provide high-speed turnaround for the utmost speed and performance.

SCSI > SCSI External Cables
   External SCSI DH50, DH68, and 0.8mm LVD Cables
  > SCSI Terminators
   Terminate your SCSI runs effectively and affordably with a passive terminator, or maximize the speed and precision of your run with an active terminator. DataPro carries both!

507 SCSI Ultra-320 LVD+SE Ribbon Cable
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String up a series of SCSI spindles with DataPro's LVD ribbon cables! Available in configurations of up to seven drives, and customizable to any layout you want, there's no better way to keep those valuable SCSI drives in service.