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Spliced VGA Cables

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Gone are the days of hand-terminating your VGA runs pin-by-pin. DataPro's spliced VGA cables offer the convenience of non-term VGA without the hassle of crimped pins. Our cables have a detachable VGA end that can be removed for running the wire through conduit or cable channels, and then the breakaway pigtail easily plugs onto the end for an unbeatably simple and error-free termination.

1055NT Unterminated VGA Cable With Termination Kit
 Use this unterminated VGA cable to run VGA through openings as small as 0.40" (1.02cm)

1151 Non-Term VGA Spliced Cable (Male/Male)
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Directly connect a video monitor and source through conduit or wiring holes, without any on-site termination! Our spliced VGA cables use a breakaway connector to run through tight spaces, and reterminate to 15-pin in a snap.

1153 Non-Term VGA Spliced Extension Cable
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Extend a VGA video signal through walls, floors, or ceilings in seconds with a spliced VGA non-term extension cable. These cables feature a small, rounded locking connector for a low-profile installation, and easily plug into a breakaway pigtail on the other end. No crimping or soldering required, just plug and go!

1154 Non-Term VGA Spliced Panel-Mount Cable
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The convenience of panel-mounting cables and non-terminated VGA in one amazing cable! This cable uses our special spliced-VGA breakaway for easy routing, and terminates to a panel-mount connector for installation on a faceplate or custom panel.

1157 Non-Term VGA Spliced Dual Panel-Mount Cable
 Connect two faceplates or bulkheads directly—through walls, ceilings, and more! This special non-term VGA cable uses our breakaway splice for narrow conduit, and features low-profile panel-mount VGA connectors on both ends for quick and secure installation.