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USB 1.1 or 2.0 to EIDE/ATAPI

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USB 1.1 or 2.0 to EIDE/ATAPI
The USB-to-IDE converter cable will allow any Windows PC or Apple Macintosh (Mac OS 8.6 or newer) to mount an old ATA/IDE drive via the USB port.  

UI-210   USB 1.1 or 2.0 to EIDE/ATAPI   EACH $ 29.95   11 in stock   Add to Cart

The USB-to-IDE converter cable will allow any Windows PC or Apple Macintosh (Mac OS 8.6 or newer) to mount an old ATA/IDE drive via the USB port.

This device is Plug-and-Play compatible, and mounts the attached drive as a standard USB storage device. All you have to do is plug the USB connector into the  USB port and plug the 40-Pin IDE connector into your IDE device. There is a separate power switch to power up the drive once it has been safely plugged in.

The UI-210 is powered by an external adapter, and itself provides power to the attached drive by way of a 4-pin Molex hard drive connector (found on almost every IDE drive).

Originally designed as a way to turn desktop hard drives into portable drives, this USB/IDE converter is now primarily used to provide access to older storage media on machines that don't support IDE/ATA devices (or when the user chooses not to enable such support). Many old hard drives continue to function perfectly, so a device like DataPro's UI-210 is a cost-effective way to maintain that storage capacity.

The USB-to-IDE adaptor also allows hot-swapping of drives without a restart, simply by using the OS "remove device" feature and powering off. 

This product is USB 2.0 compatible, for high-speed data transfers. The package includes the adapter, a CD-ROM with drivers, and a power supply.

This device mounts a hard drive with all the functionality of an IDE drive,  including formatting, partitioning, sharing, and backing up (via drag-n-drop or ghosting software). If your BIOS allows booting via USB, this converter will also be functional as a boot device.

NOTE: If you cannot or choose not to use the 110 volt transformer shipped  with the unit, we can make you a DataPro molex power cable that is 3 feet long that you can connect from inside your PC to the external drive.

NOTE: This device only works with a single hard drive, which must be set to  "Master"  or "Single Drive", whichever applies to your hard drive.  It will  not work with a "Slaved" hard drive.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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  • Add a portable storage device to any USB port.
  • Supports ATA/IDE/EIDE type devices.
  • Supports Atapi-style CD-ROM and CD-RW devices.
  • Supports Compact Flash, ZIP drives, LS-120, etc.
  • On/Off Power Switch allows safe removal of drives.
  • Auto-installation drive via plugging USB connector
  • into the USB port.
  • Fully Plug-N-Play compatible, no jumper pins or switches.
  • Compatible drivers for Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP.
  • Compatible drivers for Apple Macintosh OS 8.6 and higher, and OSX.
  • File System transparent.


  • Full Compliance with USB Specification, Rev. 2.0 and 1.1.
  • Supports USB suspend/resume, enable/disable, and remove/recover operations.
  • Low power consumption, powered by USB bus system.
  • Certifications: FCC Class B and CE
  • Interface: USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 to IDE/ATA/ATAPI 40-Pin.
  • Transfer Speed: Full-Speed 12 Mbps and High-Speed 480 Mbps.
  • Connectors: One 1 meter USB type 'A' cable, One self-powered DC jack, One 4-pin power cable for HDD/CD-ROM power source.
  • Indicators: One Red LED (power) and one Green LED (Activity).
  • Power Source: External power transformer (110 volt AC to 12v DC @ 1.5 Amp)
  • Operating Temperature: 5 degrees Cent. to 40 degrees Cent.
  • Storage Temperature: -20 degrees Cent. to 60 degrees Cent.
  • Humidity Range: 0% to 80% RH, non-condensing
  • Product Dimensions: 66 mm x 55 mm x 22 mm (L x W x H)
  • PCB Layer: 4 layers.
  • Compatible devices: any IDE/ATA/ATAPI hard disk drive, CD-ROM, CD-R/W, or DVD drive.

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