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Laptop IDE Hard Drive Adaptor

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Laptop IDE Hard Drive Adaptor

Recover data from old laptop hard drives, or integrate smaller storage into space-limited assemblies with DataPro's no-hassle notebook to desktop hard drive adaptor. This little unit is all you need to connect 2.5-inch laptop hard drives to a standard desktop 40-pin IDE bus, for easy backup and data recovery.  

1920-00C   Laptop IDE Hard Drive Adaptor   EACH $ 9.95   70 in stock   Add to Cart

The DataPro 1920-series converts a laptop hard drive to a standard desktop IDE bus. The 2.5 inch connector adapts to a 3.5 inch HDD connector, as used in the IDE bus system. It is powered by a 5V Molex plug.

This allows the use of a notebook IDE hard drive in a standard tower or desktop PC on the 40-pin IDE cable (or 80-pin ATA).

This adaptor will not work for plugging a standard IDE type hard drive into a laptop drive controller, nor is it designed for SATA drives (although it can be combined with SATA/IDE converters).

NOTE: It's important to properly connect both ends of the adaptor to ensure functionality and avoid electrical shorts. When looking at the back of the laptop drive, label side up, the power cord of the adapter should be on the left. The IDE cable should connect with the key-notch up and the red wire on the right.

(On the IDE interface end, the red wire on the ribbon represents pin 1. On the HDD, pin 1 should be labeled by the drive's manufacturer. Pin 1 on the converter is labeled on the unit.)

To enable easy installation and removal of hard drives, virtually all laptops use adaptor clips that convert the universal 44-pin IDE connector to a snap-in module. This snap-in is what lets the hard drive slip in and out of the laptop case without the risk of breaking any IDE pins. If your laptop hard drive does not have two rows of 22 pins each, like shark's teeth sticking out the back, there is probably a laptop adaptor clip still attached.

To attach the 1920 IDE adaptor, you will first need to remove the contact clip (it will pull straight away from the drive). After this has been pulled off, the IDE pins will be revealed, and the 1920 adaptor can be installed.

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