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USB-C Power Meter

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USB-C Power Meter
Measure power throughput and direction with this handy USB Type-C power meter.  

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Measure power throughput and direction with this handy USB Type-C power meter. Perfect for testing and benchmarking cables and power supplies, or diagnosing charging issues. Features complete transparency to both power and data transfer. Can be used to measure power flow and directionality between two devices, or a device and a charger.

The USB-C Power Meter displays four values directly and one more that can be calculated:

  • Voltage (volts): Measures the electrical potential between two points. USB-C is rated for 5-20V.
  • Current (amps): Measures electrical flow. USB-C is rated for 500mA-5A.
  • Direction of Flow: Indicates the direction of electrical flow through the meter, and will point either left or right.
  • Current Over Time (milliamp hours): Measures current over time. This is reset whenever the USB-C Meter is unplugged.
  • Power (watts): Multiplying the Voltage by the Current indicates power in watts.

Download User Guide (PDF)


  • Indicates direction of power flow
  • Measures voltage, wattage, and current
  • Transparent to data and video transfer

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant