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USB to DVI Video Adapter

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USB to DVI Video Adapter
This USB 2.0 to DVI-I Video Adapter allows laptops and otherwise-unupgradable PCs to drive an additional DVI or VGA display.  

UDV-101   USB2.0 DVI-I Adapter Premium   EACH $ 94.95   2 in stock   Add to Cart

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Now you can easily connect an additional monitor to any PC or Mac.

All you have to do is install the included drivers and connect the adapter to any USB 2.0 port, and you can use an additional DVI or VGA monitor in no time! Two adapters can even be used simultaneously for multiple displays.

The video output is DVI-I, which includes both digital and analog signals, so you can use virtually any monitor you'd like. A DVI to VGA adapter is included for your convenience, and you can also convert DVI to HDMI or DisplayPort with the proper adaptor (sold separately).

Now bear in mind, though, that USB does not have the throughput that VGA and DVI do, so there are inevitable compromises in capability with devices like this. We use them around the shop here and they work great for display boards, stat screens, slide shows, and web browsing. They are not recommended for fullscreen video or complex animations, however, because the USB channel cannot support that much data so rapidly.

This device supports Plug & Play and is hot-swappable; you can add or remove monitors without rebooting.

Drivers for this product can be downloaded here:

Windows Driver Windows Driver

Mac OSX Driver MacOS Driver

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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  • UDV-101: 1600x1200 maximum resolution
  • Includes DVI-I to VGA adapter and USB cable
  • Requires USB 2.0
  • Requires Windows 2000, XP 32-bit, or Vista 32-bit
  • Requires 1.2GHz or higher CPU and 256MB RAM
  • Requires 800x600 or higher monitor

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