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DVI-D Cables

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Built to exacting specifications for maximal shielding and strength, our full-digital DVI-D cables give you the best possible image and protection from interference.

1141 DVI-D Single-Link Digital Cable
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The world of digital video begins with a DVI digital cable, and the single-link DVI cable is the standard entry. This DVI cable is an effective bridge between your computer graphics card and an LCD flatpanel or other digital-compatible display, suitable for most situations.

1142 DVI-D Dual-Link Digital Cable
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What is DVI-D, and do you need it? Experience the crystal-clear quality of an all-digital video signal with DataPro's premium dual-link DVI-D cable. For high-definition flatpanel monitors, this digital DVI cable gives uncompromised image fidelity for per-pixel accuracy like none other.

1149 DVI-D Dual Link Panel Mount Extension Cable
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Display your video wherever you need it with DataPro's premium DVI-D extension cables. Built with top-grade shielded wire for ultimate fidelity, our cables can carry all-digital DVI signals up to 15' and are panel-mountable.

1163 DVI to HDMI Digital Video Cable
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Take DVI to the next level with a DVI-D to HDMI cable! For uncompromised digital video quality from your computer to HDTV, this cable takes advantage of the inherent signal compatibility between DVI and HDMI for inexpensive lossless adaption. And it works in both directions, so it's like you're getting two cables for the price of one!

DVX-150 DVI-D Cat5e/Cat6 Bus Powered Mini Extender
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Extend a single-link DVI-D connection up to 65ft over standard Ethernet cable with this pair of set bus-powered DVI extenders.