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Blank Decora Faceplate Inserts

> Blank Wall Plates and Face Plates, Decora Style Plate Inserts
Blank Decora Faceplate Inserts

These blank Decora style faceplate inserts can be used to fill an empty slot, or customized with our Online Plate Designer.  

75999-ALU   Faceplate Decora Insert ALU   EACH $ 19.95   In stock   Add to Cart
75999-BLK   Faceplate Decora Insert Black   EACH $ 6.95   In stock   Add to Cart
75999-GRY   Faceplate Decora Insert Gray   EACH $ 6.95   In stock   Add to Cart
75999-IVY   Faceplate Decora Insert Ivory   EACH $ 6.95   In stock   Add to Cart
75999-WHT   Faceplate Decora Insert White   EACH $ 6.95   In stock   Add to Cart

Decora is a standard size of insert typically found in household electrical wall plates.

These blank Decora style inserts can be customized on our Custom Plate Designer.

Drawings & Models:

75999PDF Drawing (PDF) 

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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