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Decora Style Plate Inserts

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Decora style wall plate inserts can add versatility and modularity to a setup. DataPro's Decora inserts are precision CNC milled to be compatible with our Panel-Mount Cables and Couplers.

7510 Decora Insert with Keystone Mount
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This plate insert provides a mounting position for a Keystone module, and fits into any Decora mount. Combining these two industry standards, this plate ensures compatibility across environments and quick installation/swapping.

75200 Single USB Decora Plate Insert
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Mount a Type-A USB port in any Decora style frame with this convenient insert.

75400 Decora Brush Passthrough Port
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These Decora style inserts allow cables to pass cleanly through a wall plate or panel.

75999 Blank Decora Faceplate Inserts
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These blank Decora style faceplate inserts can be used to fill an empty slot, or customized with our Online Plate Designer.

75PWRUS USB Charger+Power Tamper Resistant Decora Insert
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Charge USB devices straight from your wall without an adapter, using this tamper-proof and versatile Decora insert.

ZZ-PCPM Power Outlet Decora Duplex 125v/15A
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125v household duplex outlet that fits in a standard Decora style opening.

ZZ-PCPMG Power Outlet Decora GFI Duplex 120V/15A
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120VGFI duplex power outlet that fits in a standard Decora style opening.