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75PWRUS USB Charger+Power Tamper Resistant Decora Insert
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Charge USB devices straight from your wall without an adapter, using this tamper-proof and versatile Decora insert.

79MP All-in-One Media Panel
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DataPro's Media Panel is perfect for creating an installed and all-encompassing access-point for your media devices. It includes dual heavy duty power outlets that allow you to run a laptop or personal computer while charging other portable devices.

79MP71S 7.1 Surround Distribution Wall Plate Plus HDMI
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This 7.1 Surround distribution panel is loaded with all the speaker posts you'll need, plus a subwoofer channel and HDMI coupler!

79MPHD Media Panel for HD Home Theater
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DataPro's HD Media Panel is an all-in-one solution for high-definition home theater connectivity. This wall plate offers everything you need to connect DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-ray, video game consoles, and cable box sources to your digital audio receiver and high-definition television. It's a robust collection of ports, with all connectors included, and comes fully assembled.

79MPP Media Panel for Projectors with HDMI or VGA
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Due to popular demand, our Media Panel is now available in a projector-friendly configuration!

79PWRUSB FastMac U-Socket Duplex AC and USB Power
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Forget about AC adaptors and chargers — go straight to the wall with the FastMac USB plate. This duplex power wall plate features standard AC power sockets as well as two power-only USB ports. Any 5V DC device can now charge straight from the wall, including iPod, iPhone, Kindle, and most Android phones.

USBPWR2 USB AC Adapter With 120v Passthrogh
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Charge even high-draw devices like tablets with this USB AC adapter.