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DataPro Mini Plates
This selection of small mounting panels can be customized to hold any of our panel-mount cables or couplers.  

PP-MP10-ALU   Mini Plate 1 - 2.75x3.75 Alum   EACH $ 14.00   6 in stock   Add to Cart
PP-MP10-AZD   Mini Plate 1 - 2.75x3.75 Blk   EACH $ 14.00   46 in stock   Add to Cart
PP-MP20-ALU   Mini Plate 2 - 2.25x3.75 Alum   EACH $ 16.00   21 in stock   Add to Cart
PP-MP20-AZD   Mini Plate 2 - 2.25x3.75 Blk   EACH $ 16.00   31 in stock   Add to Cart
PP-MP30-ALU   Mini Plate 3 - 4.25x3.75 Alum   EACH $ 18.00   6 in stock   Add to Cart
PP-MP30-AZD   Mini Plate 3 - 4.25x3.75 Blk   EACH $ 18.00   35 in stock   Add to Cart
PP-MP40-ALU   Mini Plate 4 - 6.00x3.75 Alum   EACH $ 20.00   4 in stock   Add to Cart
PP-MP40-AZD   Mini Plate 4 - 6.00x3.75 Blk   EACH $ 20.00   55 in stock   Add to Cart

These small, versatile plates can be customized to fit any of our panel mount cables or couplers. Perfect for marine, vehicle, and hobby applications. Just click "Add to cart" to customize any style of plate!


  • 5051 Aluminum
  • Clear or Black anodized
  • Chamfered edges
  • Includes mounting hardware

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