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Component Video

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By further separating the composite and S-Video signals into one brightness channel and two color channels, Y/Cb/Cr component video offers an unprecedented level of picture quality and sharpness, the best available analog signal in the home theater market.

For an extra bump, Y/Pb/Pr component signals can carry full HDTV resolutions, rivaling the digital HDMI standard while preserving compatibility with older devices.

DataPro's triple-RCA component cables use fully-shielded coaxial wire for each channel, guaranteeing the utmost fidelity and minimal loss for your signal, even in long runs and adverse conditions.

1188 RGB Component Video Cable Coax
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For the best picture analog video can provide, you can rely on DataPro's coaxial component cables. These attractive, premium-quality cables deliver high-definition content with maximal fidelity and minimal loss.