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By splitting the composite signal into separate Luma (brightness) and Chroma (color) channels, S-Video offers a cleaner, sharper image than is possible through a single RCA connector. All of our S-Video cables use mini-coaxial wire to keep these two signals shielded from not only external interference, but noise from one another, ensuring the best analog picture possible.

We also offer S-Video to RCA adaptors to downgrade for older displays, and RCA to S-Video convertors to upgrade from older video sources.

1161 S-Video to RCA Composite
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Four pins to one! Two parts sorcery, one part electrical engineering, this handy-dandy cable uses pinout-based downgrading to compress an S-Video source for an RCA composite display. No hardware, no electronics, no fuss. Only works one-way, though. That's the price of magic.

1161-FF S-Video to RCA Adaptor
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Downgrading from S-Video to RCA couldn't be easier than with DataPro's inline adaptor. This small unit features a female S-Video input port and a female RCA composite output port, for an easy, streamlined conversion.

1164 S-Video Panel Mount Extension
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Mount analog video where you need it with DataPro's panelmount S-Video cables. These high-quality S-Video cables are built with coaxial wire for optimal shielding and noise prevention, and feature a flush-mounting hood with an S-video jack for a secure attachment to a bulkhead or face plate.

1165 S-Video Cable Coaxial External
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DataPro's high-quality S-Video cables use shielded coaxial wire for supreme signal quality and noise prevention, offering the sharpest and brightest image available (even at one hundred or more feet). If you've still got a use for the old reliable S-Video, we've still got them in stock.

1185 S-Video Cable With Stereo RCA Audio
 It's a monster! A twisted hybrid of glorious audio and video! The convenience of a three-in-one component audio/video cable plus the higher-quality picture of S-Video! Egads!

CCX-CSV Switchcraft XLR-mount S-Video coupler F/F
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This S-Video coupler mounts in a Neutrik XLR cutout