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DVI-D Cables

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Built to exacting specifications for maximal shielding and strength, our full-digital DVI-D cables give you the best possible image and protection from interference.

1141 DVI-D Single-Link Digital Cable
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The world of digital video begins with a DVI digital cable, and the single-link DVI cable is the standard entry. This DVI cable is an effective bridge between your computer graphics card and an LCD flatpanel or other digital-compatible display, suitable for most situations.

1142 DVI-D Dual-Link Digital Cable
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What is DVI-D, and do you need it? Experience the crystal-clear quality of an all-digital video signal with DataPro's premium dual-link DVI-D cable. For high-definition flatpanel monitors, this digital DVI cable gives uncompromised image fidelity for per-pixel accuracy like none other.

1149 DVI-D Dual Link Panel Mount Extension Cable
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Display your video wherever you need it with DataPro's premium DVI-D extension cables. Built with top-grade shielded wire for ultimate fidelity, our cables can carry all-digital DVI signals up to 15' and are panel-mountable.

1163 DVI to HDMI Digital Video Cable
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Our passive DVI to HDMI adapter cables are the perfect budget-friendly way to use newer displays with older hardware, or the other way around. These adapters are bidirectional and require no external power.

DVX-150 DVI-D Cat5e/Cat6 Bus Powered Mini Extender
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Extend a single-link DVI-D connection up to 65ft over standard Ethernet cable with this pair of set bus-powered DVI extenders.