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DVI-I Cables

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Whether digital or analog, your picture is never sharper or brighter than with a DataPro DVI-Integrated video cable. With coaxial wire and braided shielding, these cables guarantee the best available fidelity for an unbeatable image no matter what form it comes in.

1140 DVI-I Dual-Link Extension Cable
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Take digital video farther with our high-grade DVI extension cables. For distance and video fidelity, nothing is easier or more reliable than a DataPro DVI-I extension. In the field, our cables have even been proven to run more than double the maximum specified DVI signal length, and the integrated DVI-I wiring will carry either an analog or a digital signal.

1143 DVI-I Dual Link Panel-Mount Extension Cable
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Our low-profile DVI cables offer fully shielded protection in minimal space, ideal for bulkhead mounting. Install DVI ports wherever you need them with these convenient panel-mount digital video cables!

1148 DVI-I Dual-Link Digital/Analog Cable M/M
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For a picture-perfect video signal, DataPro's integrated digital/analog DVI cables are the ideal solution. Our dual-link DVI cables guarantee full bandwidth for the best possible quality at high resolutions and long distances. The 1148 DVI-I cable is compatible with both the digital DVI and analog DVI formats for maximum flexibility and functionality.