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DVI-A Cables

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Using the popular DVI connector but compliant with analog signals like VGA, these DVI filled a specific niche in early DVI implementations.

Please don't try to use these on a DVI-D device, though. They are analog only, and will not work with a digital signal.

1145 DVI to VGA Analog Video Cable
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Nothing connects VGA and DVI easier than the DataPro DVI-A to VGA cable. This male-male cable connects an analog DVI source to a VGA monitor, or vice-versa, for maximum quality and fidelity. No need for bulky gender changers when you can connect your monitor and computer together directly!

1145A DVI Male to VGA Female Adaptor
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Put the DVI port on your video card to good use with DataPro's DVI to VGA adaptor. With a male DVI-A and female VGA connector, this inline adaptor is the perfect solution to match up an analog monitor with an analog-compatible DVI card.

1145-B DVI Female to VGA Male Adaptor
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Change your DVI cable to VGA with our inline DVI-to-VGA adapter. With a standard 15-pin male VGA plug that connects to a computer or HDTV, and a female DVI connector that connects to a DVI cable, this adaptor is a simple and effective bridge for mismatched video connectors.

1146 DVI-A to DVI-A Analog/Analog
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Keep your analog hardware in service while making the move to the DVI standard with DataPro's analog-compatible DVI cables. Made from the same high-quality coax wire as our VGA and digital DVI cables, our 1146 DVI-A cables guarantee a premium signal with minimal loss and interference.