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AT to PS2 Keyboard Adapter CD05F/MD06M

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AT to PS2 Keyboard Adapter CD05F/MD06M
Allows an AT style 5-pin keyboard to be connected to a PS2 (6-pin) host device.  

112939FM   Keyboard Adaptor CD05F/MD06M
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The DataPro 112939FM keyboard adaptor allows the user to adapt between 5-pin (AT style) and 6-pin (PS2 style) keyboards. This cable has a 5-pin female (socket) DIN connector and a 6-pin male (plug) Mini-Din connector (CD05F - MD06M).

Although these connectors are different sizes, the two are electrically compatible. However, neither is compatible with the Apple Macintosh keyboard (ADB).

We can also build these adaptors as longer cables, for example to connect from one port to a different port on a data switch using one cable. Contact Us for more details.

There should be no signal loss out to approximately 20 Feet, and we have built this cable to as long as 50 feet with no signal loss. However, this does vary widely depending on the quality of your equipment.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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  • Adapts AT Style and PS2 Keyboard connectors


  • 1x 5-pin Female (Socket) DIN connector
  • 1x 6-pin Male (Plug) Mini-Din connector (CD05F - MD06M)
  • IPC Certified Cable Assembly

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