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Coupler Panel-Mount BNC

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Coupler Panel-Mount BNC

CCP-BNC   Coupler Panel-Mount BNC   EACH $ 5.95   209 in stock   Add to Cart

Technical documents are available upon request for authorized usage.

Contact us if you require drawings or 3D models to integrate this product into your project.

This is a BNC F/F Panel-Mount coupler, designed to mate two male BNC connectors. In particular, this coupler has threading and a mounting nut for securing into a bulkhead, wall plate, or any other panel where a BNC port is desired.

On the interior of the mounting surface, a BNC cable can be run to whatever equipment is remote to the coupler. On the exterior, the BNC female port allows the easy attachment and removal of a BNC cable as desired.

BNC is commonly used for video, especially security camera feeds. When in sets of three, it may represent component video (Y/Pb/Pr) that uses the locking BNC connectors instead of the free-hanging RCA. When in sets of five, it may represent an RGB signal that uses Red/Green/Blue/Vertical/Horizontal, like a VGA signal.

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