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DB25MM 25 conductor straight

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DB25MM 25 conductor straight

1012-03C   DB25MM 25 conductor straight   3 ft $ 12.95   25 in stock   Add to Cart
1012-06C   DB25MM 25 conductor straight   6 ft $ 13.95   16 in stock   Add to Cart
1012-10C   DB25MM 25 conductor straight   10 ft $ 19.95   19 in stock   Add to Cart
1012-15C   DB25MM 25 conductor straight   15 ft $ 29.95   49 in stock   Add to Cart
1012-25C   DB25MM 25 conductor straight   25 ft $ 39.00   4 in stock   Add to Cart
1012-50C   DB25MM 25 conductor straight   50 ft $ 59.00   7 in stock   Add to Cart
1012-00C   DB25MM 25 conductor straight
Custom build at $58.00 + $1.00 per foot.
Some custom products may not be REACH compliant.
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The 1012-series cable is a straight-through cable designed to interconnect systems. Because each pin is wired straight through end-to-end, the type of signal being used is irrelevant: this cable will just as easily carry RS232 for an asynchronous modem, IEEE-1284 for a parallel printer, or 25-pin SCSI for a really old Macintosh.

This type of assembly is most often used, however, in situations when a manual switchbox or other matrix distributor is used. One link in the series will use a cable properly wired for the situation, while all the cables breaking out from that one will be straight-through, to preserve the initial pinout.

This assembly features male 25-pin D-Sub connectors on each end, commonly referred to as DB25M by engineers. Built with high-quality shielded wire, DataPro's 1012 cables are regularly built over 50' long for parallel applications, over 300' long for serial RS232 applications. And of course, the success of any length is also dependent on external factors, including hardware, environment, and speed.

RoHS Compliant
IPC Compliant
Made in the USA

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