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Serial Electronics

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Diversify the power of your serial electronics with our line of electronic converters and hardware. Our auto-switches provide high-speed and hands-free sharing capabilities, while our RS232 convertors can connect to RS422, RS485.

If your computers have moved into modern times but your legacy equipment is still kicking, a RS232 to USB adaptor will keep that gear functioning long after computer hardware has abandoned the serial standard.

3010-201 RS232 Serial Auto Switch 2:1
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This switch allows two computers to share one RS232 printer by automatically switching between inputs. No outside power required.

8500 RS232 to RS422/RS485 Convertor
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Synchronize your serial hardware with DataPro's bi-directional RS232 to RS422 and RS485 convertor. These handy old-school units offer high-speed conversions and configurable DIP switches for optimal performance in various situations.

US-232-A USB to RS232 Serial Converter
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This USB-to-RS232 Serial converter cable, formerly part number US-109A, will allow any USB-equipped Windows computer to converse with an RS232 device, such as a modem,  PDA, GPS device, or RS232 serial printer. Not many vendors still carry and support RS232 devices, but here at DataPro we know that old technology never really dies.

US-232-V USB to RS232 Serial for Vista
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This version of the US-232-11A is specifically designed to work with Windows Vista in addition to the following operating systems: MacOS 9.04 or higher, or Windows 98/SE/2000/ME/XP. A USB to Serial Convertor will allow your computer to converse with an RS232 device, such as a modem, PDA, GPS device, or RS232 serial printer.

USA-300 USB Combo Adaptor RS232/PS2/PP
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The USB combo docking station allows serial and parallel devices such as a mouse or keyboard, printer, or GPS receiver to be connected and disconnected through a single USB plug.

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