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Parallel printers never say die! Keep your parallel printers and devices in service with DataPro's line of high-speed parallel cables. We keep stock on all printer cable configurations, including the hard-to-find mini-Centronics connector found on many HP printers.

With our full range of parallel printer cables, including BiTronics and IEEE-1284 support, you can keep those old printers working until the robot overlords enslave us and liberate them. But even then, you'll receive a pardon for keeping those ancient printers alive when so many others have scrapped and buried their own. You'll have full immunity from the roving killer robot squads, all because you bought a parallel printer cable. What a bargain.

1001 IBM Parallel Printer Cable
 One of the oldest computer cables in existence, historical scholars believe this design was first developed by Aristotle as a means to convey Alexander's field reports without the time-consuming process of papyrus scribing.

1011 DB25MF 25 conductor Straight
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The DataPro 1011 series Serial/Parallel Cable is a molded extension cable for any 25-pin DSub application.

1012 DB25MM 25 conductor straight
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The 1012-series cable is a straight-through cable designed to interconnect systems. Because each pin is wired straight through end-to-end, the type of signal being used is irrelevant: this cable will just as easily carry RS232 for an asynchronous modem, IEEE-1284 for a parallel printer, or 25-pin SCSI for a really old Macintosh.

1013 Parallel DB25 Panel-Mount Extension
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For 25-pin serial and parallel runs, you can now terminate into a faceplate or bulkhead mount with our panel-mount 25-pin cables. These hoodless cables are built for an easy and secure attachment to a pre-cut hole, such as those found on a standard PC backplane or our various face plates.

1013W Waterproof IP67 DB25 Panel Mount Extension Cable
 Add an IP67 waterproof DB25 port to any plate, panel, or bulkhead with this 25-pin extension cable

1284AA Bitronics Parallel IEEE-1284AA
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The DataPro 1284AA series Parallel Printer Cable for the IBM-PC is a high-quality molded cable for any IEEE-1284 interface needs.

1284AB BiTronics Parallel IEEE-1284AB
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The DataPro 1284AB series Parallel Printer Cable for legacy printers is a high-quality imported molded cable that uses the 1284 (aka 'parallel') standard.

1284AC BiTronics Parallel IEEE-1284AC
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These parallel printer cables are for IBM-PC compatible machines and printers that utilize a mini-centronics connector—typically HP DeskJets and HP LaserJets from the 1990's.

1284CB BiTronics Parallel IEEE-1284CB
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This legacy cable is intended to connect a device with a CN36 36-pin Centronics "Champ" connector to a printer (typically HP LaserJet or DeskJet) featuring a mini-Centronics (mini-Champ) connector.