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DisplayPort Digital Video Cable

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DisplayPort Digital Video Cable
DataPro's DisplayPort 1.2 cables provide the optimal high-resolution video and audio connections to modern HD equipment. Use these high-quality cables to connect the latest computers, DVD and Blu-Ray players, and flatpanel displays.  

1171-03C   DisplayPort Cable M/M   3 ft $ 22.00   27 in stock   Add to Cart
1171-06C   DisplayPort Cable M/M   6 ft $ 25.00   157 in stock   Add to Cart
1171-10C   DisplayPort Cable M/M   10 ft $ 32.00   44 in stock   Add to Cart
1171-15C   DisplayPort Cable M/M   15 ft $ 37.00   75 in stock   Add to Cart
1171-25C   DisplayPort Cable M/M   25 ft $ 49.00   30 in stock   Add to Cart
1171-50C   DisplayPort Cable M/M   50 ft $ 90.00   4 in stock   Add to Cart

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While HDMI has claimed victory in the home electronics market, in the realm of computers it failed to gain the same type of foothold. Now, as the gargantuan connector and stifling distance limitations of DVI grow tiresome, manufacturers are shifting towards an HDMI alternative built on a more open standard, and that standard is DisplayPort.

This 1171-series cable is the backbone of a DisplayPort setup: the male-to-male cable. From a computer video card to a monitor, from a console to a television, from a laptop to a projector; however your configuration presents itself, this is the basic DisplayPort solution.

These high-quality cables offer higher video bandwidth than HDMI or DVI-D dual link, and support HDCP encryption for high-definition sources. They are also capable of carrying lossless digital audio, and have locking tabs to prevent accidental removal.

Note: 25' and 50' DisplayPort Cables are NOT 4K-capable.


  • Gold-plated contacts
  • Shielded against RFI and EMI interference


    • 2x Locking Male DisplayPort Connectors
    • Supports resolutions up to 4K UHD @ 60Hz
    • Wire Gauge 28 AWG
    • RoHS Compliant

      RoHS Compliant
      REACH Compliant
      2560x1600 Capable
      4K UHD Capable

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      RoHS Compliant
      REACH Compliant
      2560x1600 Capable
      4K UHD Capable