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EIDE ATA-133 Disk Drive Cable

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EIDE ATA-133 Disk Drive Cable

1949-02R   EIDE ATA-133 Disk Drive Cable   2 ft $ 13.95   3 in stock   Add to Cart

The 1949 series cable is an enhanced IDE dual-drive cable, also called Ultra ATA TPE or Ultra ATA-133.

It is designed for high-speed IDE data traffic between one controller card (or motherboard) and up to two storage devices, usually IDE hard drives or IDE optical drives (CD or DVD).

Unlike the classic flat "ribbon" cables, this rounded cable minimizes clutter and allows air circulation, vastly improving the operating environment for your computer's internal components and extending the lifespan of your rig. If you currently have flat ribbon cable in your machine, upgrading to rounded cables is imperative.

This cable is only for older, IDE-style drives; most drives of this type were manufactured before 2006-2008, when IDE's replacement format SATA began to claim and dominate the hard drive market. Any modern computer equipment will use a SATA drive cable instead.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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