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Ethernet Cat6 Crossover Cable

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Ethernet Cat6 Crossover Cable
Allow two computers to directly interface without an intermediary hub or switch with this 10-Gigabit Ethernet Cat6 RJ45, 550 MHz network crossover cable.  

1776-03C   Ethernet Cat6 Crossover Cable   3 ft $ 5.95   24 in stock   Add to Cart
1776-07C   Ethernet Cat6 Crossover Cable   7 ft $ 7.25   1 in stock   Add to Cart
1776-10C   Ethernet Cat6 Crossover Cable   10 ft $ 8.95   1 in stock   Add to Cart
1776-00C   Ethernet Cat6 Crossover Cable
Custom build at $14.00 + $0.30 per foot.
Some custom products may not be REACH compliant.
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The DataPro 1776 series cable is a Category-6 rated 550 MHz network crossover cable, compatible with speeds on 10-Base-T and 10/100/1000 and 10-Gigabit networks.

The wiring between the two connectors has crossed data channels, allowing two computers to directly interface each other without an intermediary hub or switch.

Both connectors are RJ45 male (plug) and wired EIA/TIA 568-B crossover (direct-connect) unless otherwise specified by customer.

We also have standard straight-through Ethernet cables available.

Our stock crossover cables are ORANGE in color to distinguish them from regular straight-through Ethernet cables (usually blue, white, or gray), but we can build this using Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, Grey, and White.

We also build this cable up to 100 feet.

Drawings & Models:

1776PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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  • Allow two computers to directly interface at without an intermediary hub or switch


  • 2x RJ45 Male plug connectors, wired IA/TIA 568-A on one and end 568-B on the other
  • 550MHz Category-6 rated Ethernet
  • Compatible with 10-Base-T, 100-Base-T, 1000-Base-T Gigabit, and 10-Gigabit networks
  • Backwards-compatible with Cat-5 and Cat-5e
  • Wire Gauge 24 AWG
  • Plastic overmold with strain relief

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