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FireWire Panel-Mount Extension

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FireWire Panel-Mount Extension
Install high-speed FireWire ports anywhere with DataPro's panel-mount FireWire cables. These rugged extension cables have durable flush-mounting hoods for stability and shielded wire for fidelity. These mounting FireWire cables are compatible with our custom-cut faceplates and OEM panels, giving you remote access to FireWire devices with unprecedented convenience.  

1398-01C   FireWire Panel-Mount Extension   1 ft $ 15.95   606 in stock   Add to Cart
1398-02C   FireWire Panel-Mount Extension   2 ft $ 16.95   588 in stock   Add to Cart
1398-03C   FireWire Panel-Mount Extension   3 ft $ 17.95   109 in stock   Add to Cart
1398-04C   FireWire Panel-Mount Extension   4 ft $ 18.95   344 in stock   Add to Cart
1398-06C   FireWire Panel-Mount Extension   6 ft $ 19.95   684 in stock   Add to Cart
1398-10C   FireWire Panel-Mount Extension   10 ft $ 29.95   95 in stock   Add to Cart
1398-15C   FireWire Panel-Mount Extension   15 ft $ 39.00   72 in stock   Add to Cart

The 1398 series cable is an IEEE-1394 6-pin Male to 6-pin female cable, used as a FireWire extension cable in which the female (socket) end can be mounted on a face plate, a wall plate, or a bulkhead surface.

These cables are an ideal method to panel-mount FireWire ports for easy access to / removal of portable devices. Popular for video editing suites, production studios, and scenarios in which external FireWire enclosures play a strong role, these panelmount cables are clean and easy for no-fuss termination and usability.

These cables have a black PVC jacket, and are shielded by both a foil wrap and a braid wrap. This is the highest grade of shielding available for this type of cable. In house tests have run these cable in 60-foot chains without signal loss or degradation-- four times the maximum specification length of 15 feet.

This cable is IEEE-1394A (iLink) compliant.

No threading is required on the plate, the connector has embedded 4-40 nuts. The required 4-40 screws are included with the cable.

The 6-pin male connector is a flat-looking rectangle that has a beveled "D" shape on one side. The panel-mount cable features an enlarged hood on the female end for mounting into a face plate.

Cables designed for high-speed bandwidth, for connecting to computers, hard drives, and CD drives, typically use the 6-pin connector.

These panel-mount FireWire cables have a bulkhead connector designed to mate snugly with our FireWire face plates.

Drawings & Models:

1398PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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  • Allowable panel depth: 2.5mm (full mating)

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