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Keystone PS2 Coupler

> Keystone Module Couplers, PS/2
Keystone PS2 Coupler

Snap this PS2 6-pin Mini-Din coupler to a Keystone-equipped panel, plate, or bulkhead to add a clean and convenient passthrough.  

CCK-PS2-BLK   Coupler Keystone PS2 Black   EACH $ 14.95   167 in stock   Add to Cart
CCK-PS2-WHT   Coupler Keystone PS2 White   EACH $ 9.95   322 in stock   Add to Cart

Cleanly and efficiently patch through a PS2 connection with this simple Keystone snap-in coupler from DataPro. Perfect for Keystone-equipped panels, plates, or bulkheads. This will fit in standard Keystone port and features a female PS2 6-pin Mini-Din port on both sides.

Drawings & Models:

CCK-PS2PDF Drawing (PDF) 

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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  • Adds a PS2 6-pin Mini-Din passthrough to keystone-equipped panels, plates, or bulkheads


  • 1x PS2 6-pin Mini-Din, Female to Female, keystone snap-in collar
  • White version has gold-plated contacts
  • Black version has nickel-plated contacts

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