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PS2 (IBM-PC KB6/Mouse) Cable MD06MM

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PS2 (IBM-PC KB6/Mouse) Cable MD06MM
Connect a computer's PS2 keyboard and mouse to KVM switches or data switches easily, using DataPro's stock PS2 cables. These cables provide a simple solution to wiring PS2 ports up to very long distances without signal loss or distortion, and are stocked in many lengths or available custom-built.  

1159-06C   IBM-PC KB6/Mouse Cable MD06MM   6 ft $ 11.95   306 in stock   Add to Cart
1159-10C   IBM-PC KB6/Mouse Cable MD06MM   10 ft $ 19.95   70 in stock   Add to Cart
1159-15C   IBM-PC KB6/Mouse Cable MD06MM   15 ft $ 29.95   50 in stock   Add to Cart
1159-25C   IBM-PC KB6/Mouse Cable MD06MM   25 ft $ 39.00   37 in stock   Add to Cart
1159-00C   IBM-PC KB6/Mouse Cable MD06MM
Custom build at $30.00 + $1.00 per foot.
Some custom products may not be REACH compliant.
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The DataPro 1159 series Keyboard cable for the IBM-PS2 is an high-quality imported molded cable for standard 6-pin PS2 keyboards and mice.

Since nearly all keyboards and mice have built-in cables, these cables will mainly be used to connect a computer's keyboard or mouse port to a data switch or KVM switch.

This cable also works as a durable replacement for the Saitek X52 Pro interconnect cable between the throttle unit and the joystick.

The connections are 6-pin Mini-Din male on both ends. The wiring configuration is always straight-thru (1 to 1 etc.).

We also build this cable in any length you require.

With modern computer equipment, there should be no signal loss out to 20 Feet or so, and we have built this cable to as long as 60 feet with no signal loss. However, this does vary depending on numerous factors.

For extending the length of an existing PS2 cable, see our PS2 extension cable.

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