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Media Panel for HD Home Theater

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Media Panel for HD Home Theater

DataPro's HD Media Panel is an all-in-one solution for high-definition home theater connectivity. This wall plate offers everything you need to connect DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-ray, video game consoles, and cable box sources to your digital audio receiver and high-definition television. It's a robust collection of ports, with all connectors included, and comes fully assembled.  

Temporarily Unavailable Online

This product may have been transitioned to a newer version, or it may not yet be available online for other reasons.

For status, pricing, and alternative solutions, please contact our Sales department!

This product has been retired, but you can still create it or any other configuration of wall plate with our Online Plate Creator!

Need to connect your HDTV or digital receiver to distant devices? Avoid floor clutter and cable tangles with our convenient HD Media Panel! This face plate comes with all the connectors you need to route HDMI 1.3, progressive-scan component video, digital audio, and traditional composite RCA sources.

Our HD Media Panel is perfect for wall-mount televisions. Avoid unsightly dangling cables by mounting an HD Media Panel near your wall-mount HDTV. You can run the cables to a storage closet, place another media panel near your source devices, or separate into several other wall plates in different locations.

Need to connect a yellow, white, red RCA cable from an older device? No problem! The component video RCA plugs can alternatively be used for composite video with stereo audio.

The HD Media Panel is shipped fully assembled, and includes all connectors pictured here.

Please note that media panels cannot be changed or customized from what is pictured here. If you would like to customize a plate, try our Custom Plate Creator.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
Made in the USA

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  • Dimensions: 4.50" x 4.50" x 0.23" (114mm x 114mm x 6mm)
  • Durable dual-gang aluminum plate
  • 2 x Toslink optical digital audio
  • 2 x Component video (3xRCA YPbPr)
  • 2 x HDMI
  • Coax digital audio (RCA)
  • Stereo analog audio (2xRCA LR)

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