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Mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort Adapter

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Mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort Adapter
Connect high-resolution DisplayPort monitors to your Mini-DisplayPort Mac with our handy cable adapter!  

1173-DP   Mini-DisplayPort : DisplayPort   EACH $ 19.95   29 in stock   Add to Cart

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Take full advantage of your Mac's Mini-DisplayPort video connection with our Mini-DisplayPort to standard DisplayPort adapter!

Now you can connect ultra-high-resolution DisplayPort monitors, like the 2560x1200 Dell UltraSharp 3008WFP. Because Mini-DisplayPort is pin-compatible with full-size DisplayPort, you'll never have to worry about product incompatibilities.


  • Compatible Apple Macintosh computers:
    • MacBook
    • MacBook Pro
    • MacBook Air
    • Mac Pro
    • iMac
    • Mac Mini
  • All pins are connected, ensuring future compatibility with any DisplayPort or Mini-DisplayPort product.

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