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Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter

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Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter
Apple invents new connectors so often, it's hard to keep up! Don't let the Mini-DisplayPort on your MacBook or iMac stop you from viewing on an HDMI television—use this convenient Mini-DP to HDMI adaptor!  

1173-H   Mini-DisplayPort HDMI Adaptor   EACH $ 19.95   34 in stock   Add to Cart

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It seems like every other week, Apple comes out with a new type of miniaturized connector for their newest laptop refresh. Long gone are the days of DVI and VGA ports, and even Mini-VGA and Mini-DVI are gone now too. Up next? Mini-Displayport.

If you've got the new generation of MacBook, including Macbook Pro and Macbook Air, and want to mirror or extend your desktop to an HDTV, our Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI adaptor is just the thing. It's small, it's easy to use, and it does exactly what its name suggests.

Depending on the model, some Mac Pros, iMacs, and Mac Minis also have Mini-DisplayPort outputs, and this HDMI adaptor will work with those as well.

Please note that this is a one-directional adaptor, and will not convert an HDMI source for display on a Mini-DisplayPort monitor.

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