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S-Video Cable With Stereo RCA Audio

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S-Video Cable With Stereo RCA Audio
It's a monster! A twisted hybrid of glorious audio and video! The convenience of a three-in-one component audio/video cable plus the higher-quality picture of S-Video! Egads!  

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Now you can run your S-Video and stereo audio together, without any tangled wires. Let these two legacy AV connections live in harmony, joined together in a beautiful union of a molded PVC jacket. Our thick shielding and gold-plated conductors ensure the best signal quality possible, yielding a sharp picture and crystal-clear stereo or Pro Logic sound.

This is the perfect cable for connecting a DVD player or VCR to an old television, offering the convenience of composite audio/video but with the enhanced picture quality of S-video. Of course, if your DVD player and TV have Component Y/Pb/Pr or any sort of digital signal, that would look a thousand times better than S-video... but sometimes S-video is all you've got. And in those situations, the DataPro 1185 cable is what you want.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
IPC Compliant

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