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S-Video to RCA Adaptor

> S-Video, Composite Video
S-Video to RCA Adaptor
Downgrading from S-Video to RCA couldn't be easier than with DataPro's inline adaptor. This small unit features a female S-Video input port and a female RCA composite output port, for an easy, streamlined conversion.  

1161-FF   S-Video to RCA Adaptor   EACH $ 9.95   97 in stock   Add to Cart

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From the lands of yore we present this artifact of video sorcery, a bewitching adaptor what doth receive the input of an S-Video source and put forth an output fit only for an RCA Component display.

Beware ye who would purchase such an artifact, for this product uses pinout-based downgrading of the signal and will only function in one direction. From an RCA Composite source to an S-Video device will NOT this device accomplish.

On the receiving end doth lie four female pins of S-Video Mini-Din; on the transmitting end a single female RCA.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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