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SCSI 0.8mm LVD Type External

> SCSI External Cables
SCSI 0.8mm LVD Type   External

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This product may have been transitioned to a newer version, or it may not yet be available online for other reasons.

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The 5880-series SCSI cable connects two SCSI devices with UHD 0.8 mm connectors. All of these cables are rated for high-speed SCSI-LVD, and are backwards-compatible with non-LVD SCSI as well.

In the event that devices of mismatched speeds are on the same bus, this cable will perform at the fastest operating speed of the slowest device.

This type of connector is commonly called UHD or Ultra-High Density, and also called VHDCI or SCSI-5. It's a pressure-locking connector with a minimal profile, and a considerable space-saver compared to the more monstrous earlier SCSI interfaces.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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