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SCSI External Cables

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DataPro carries a complete line of external SCSI DH50, DH68, and 0.8mm LVD Cables.

Our high-grade cables offer durable metal backshells and custom-manufactured SCSI wire for the guaranteed highest speed and fidelity. And if you don't see exactly what you need, our expert assemblers can custom-build it for you in no time.

5505 SCSI DH50M to DH50M SE Only
 The 5505 Series SCSI cable connects two SCSI-2 devices that support the DH50 High-Density connectors. The DH50 is commonly called a Micro 50 or SCSI-2 connector.

5707 SCSI DH68M to DH68M LVD/SE
Starting at
This Ultra-Wide SCSI cable connects two external SCSI-3 devices to each other. Both cable ends are high-density 68-pin male (Micro-68) connectors, the standard connector for LVD SCSI drives.

5880 SCSI 0.8mm LVD Type External
 The 5880-series SCSI cable connects two SCSI devices with UHD 0.8 mm connectors. All of these cables are rated for high-speed SCSI-LVD, and are backwards-compatible with non-LVD SCSI as well.

5882 SCSI 0.8mm to DB25M SE Only
 The 5882 series SCSI cable connects a UHD 0.8mm device to a SCSI-1 device with a 25-pin DSUB connector.

5885 SCSI 0.8mm to DH50M SE Only
Starting at
The 5885 series SCSI cable connects a UHD 0.8mm device to a SCSI-2 device with a high-density Micro-50 (DH50M) connector.

5887 SCSI 0.8mm to DH68M LVD Spec
Starting at
The 5887 series cable connects a  UHD SCSI 0.8mm device to a SCSI-3  device with a high-density Micro-68  (DH68M) connector. These cables support both Low-Voltage-Differential (LVD) and single-ended (SE) systems.