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SCSI Terminators

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9552AI SCSI Terminator Active HS50MR
Starting at
The 9552AI is a SCSI-2 active terminator for "single-ended" SCSI bus subsystems, to be mounted internally on the ribbon cable.

9553A SCSI Terminator Active DH68M
Starting at
The 9553A is a SCSI active terminator for "single-ended" SCSI bus subsystems.

9557C-SE SCSI Terminator LVD+SE CrimpOn
Starting at
The 9557C-SE is a SCSI LVD active terminator for terminating SCSI LVD & SE bus subsystems.

9557F-SE SCSI Terminator LVD+SE DH68F
Starting at
The 9557F-SE is a SCSI terminator for terminating SCSI LVD & SE bus systems.

9557M-SE SCSI Terminator LVD-SE DH68M
Starting at
The 9557M-SE is a SCSI LVD and SCSI SE external terminator for terminating SCSI bus subsystems.

9558M SCSI Terminator LVD UHD 0.8mm
 The 9558M is an external LVD terminator for terminating an LVD bus on a SCSI system.