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5707-06L   SCSI External LVD/SE External   6 ft $ 49.95   12 in stock   Add to Cart
5707-10L   SCSI External LVD/SE External   10 ft $ 64.96   43 in stock   Add to Cart
5707-15L   SCSI External LVD/SE External   15 ft $ 69.95   14 in stock   Add to Cart

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This Ultra-Wide SCSI cable connects two external SCSI-3 devices to each other. Both cable ends are high-density 68-pin male (Micro-68) connectors, the standard connector for LVD SCSI drives.

DataPro's premium quality cables offer superior performance in the field, excellent durability in adverse conditions, and are built by hand with ruggedized metal backshells and shielded wire. Our no-compromise assemblies ensure high quality and a long life—which is good to have in a SCSI cable, because these are only going to get harder and harder to find.

The 5707 series of SCSI cables are LVD compliant for high-speed transfers, but are also backwards compatible with non-LVD hardware including Single-Ended (SE) SCSI devices. In mixed-rating environments, the SCSI system will operate at the fastest possible speed of the slowest connected device.

For connecting 68-pin SCSI drives internally, as you would inside a computer case or server chassis, you'll want to use a SCSI LVD Ribbon Cable.

For more information about the SCSI standard, see our All About SCSI Guide.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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RoHS Compliant
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