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VGA 8-Way Video Splitter 350 Mhz

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VGA 8-Way Video Splitter  350 Mhz

MSV-108A   VGA Video Boost/Split 350 Mhz   1:8 $ 159.00   9 in stock   Add to Cart

The MSV-108A VGA Splitter/Booster allows a single video source to display on up to eight VGA monitors, at a distance of up to 165 feet (with the use of appropriately shielded video-grade cabling).

This type of device is ideal for presentation situations, from boardrooms to classrooms to convention floors, where a video source needs to be replicated across multiple displays.

There is no software to install and no problems with software compatibility. The device is completely transparent to the computer/source and monitors.

A North-American style 110-volt power supply is included.

The MSV-108A is the deluxe model of the MSV-108 line. It includes additional features such as a 300MHz signal bandwidth, a higher maximum resolution, a longer range, and a power-saving mode. It is also lighter and more compact.

Includes mounting brackets!

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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  • Device #1: CPU IBM-PC with VGA/SVGA/XGA video card
  • Device #2: up to 8 units VGA/SVGA/XGA analog monitors
  • I/O Interface: TTL Compatible: Horz & Vert Sync, Analog Signal: RED, GRN, & BLU video
  • Maximum Resolution: 1920 x 1440 @ 70 Hz
  • Video Bandwidth: 300 MHz
  • Transmit Distance: 65M (210F)
  • Input Connectors: from CPU: DH15M
  • Output Connectors: to monitors: DH15F x 4
  • Power Supply: 110v AC to DC 9v, 200 mA (normal operation), 10 mA (power-saving mode)
  • Enclosure: Metal
  • Weight: 720 grams
  • Dimensions: L = 196 mm, W = 70 mm, H = 40 mm

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