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VGA Extension Cable DH15MF

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VGA Extension Cable DH15MF
DataPro's VGA Video Extension Cable is exactly that: a cable to extend an existing VGA video cable.  

1150-03C   SVGA Hi-Res Video Extension   3 ft $ 9.95   139 in stock   Add to Cart
1150-06C   SVGA Hi-Res Video Extension   6 ft $ 11.95   63 in stock   Add to Cart
1150-10C   SVGA Hi-Res Video Extension   10 ft $ 19.95   126 in stock   Add to Cart
1150-15C   SVGA Hi-Res Video Extension   15 ft $ 29.95   44 in stock   Add to Cart
1150-25C   SVGA Hi-Res Video Extension   25 ft $ 39.00   27 in stock   Add to Cart
1150-50C   SVGA Hi-Res Video Extension   50 ft $ 59.00   9 in stock   Add to Cart
1150-75C   SVGA Hi-Res Video Extension   75 ft $ 79.00   3 in stock   Add to Cart
1150-99C   SVGA Hi-Res Video Extension   100 ft $ 119.00   4 in stock   Add to Cart

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DataPro's VGA Video Extension Cable is exactly that: a cable to extend an existing VGA video cable. Perfect for CRT monitors with built-in cords, but also great if you've got an existing VGA run and just need to get a few more feet on the end, these high-quality cables ensure the best image fidelity while minimizing noise and signal degradation.

Once the stalwart champion of computer video, VGA has lost its dominant position to the digital signals of DVI and DisplayPort, but when it comes to long-range video displays, VGA is still the best. Digital signals can become unreliable after fifteen feet and rarely work past fifty, but our valiant VGA assemblies are often run in excess of two hundred feet with minimal loss.

Each end has High-Density 15-pin D-Sub connectors, one male plug (DH15M) and one female socket (DH15F). Most devices are built with female VGA jacks, so this cable is almost exclusively used to connect to (and extend) an existing VGA cable. It is wired straight-through, as is the custom on all VGA cable assemblies.

The extension cable is made of high-grade 75 Ohm mini-coaxial video wire. This thick, triple-shielded, low-loss wire is far superior to cheaper stock made from stranded copper, which is what's typically included with electronics or found in big-box retail stores.

For monitors without built-in VGA cables, or when a VGA panel or wall-jack is involved, a male-to-male VGA cable will connect your source and display directly.

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