N-Type Antenna Extension Cable

Part Number: 1810
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N-Type Antenna Extension Cable


1810-03C  Antenna Cable N-Type Extension  3 ft$ 19.95  1 in stock   Add to Cart
1810-06C  Antenna Cable N-Type Extension  6 ft$ 23.95  4 in stock   Add to Cart
1810-10C  Antenna Cable N-Type Extension  10 ft$ 29.95  7 in stock   Add to Cart
1810-15C  Antenna Cable N-Type Extension  15 ft$ 35.00  29 in stock   Add to Cart
1810-25C  Antenna Cable N-Type Extension  25 ft$ 45.00  5 in stock   Add to Cart
1810-00C  Antenna Cable N-Type Extension
Custom build at $25.00 + $1.00 per foot.
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The 1810 series cable is a coaxial antenna cable for extending the position of your wireless antenna, with N-Type (male) on one end and N-Type (female) on the other end.

The N-Type connector is one of the largest antenna connectors found in consumer and light-industrial grade components, and provides a solid and secure locking connection. Its bulk makes it less desirable on small desktop and portable devices, where miniature connectors like SMA and RP-SMA tend to dominate.

This cable is made with 50-Ohm impedance RG58 wire, the ideal type for wireless networking data (such as 802.11 standards).

We can also build this cable in any length you request.

For an male-to-male replacement cable of this same type, look at our N-Type Antenna Cable.

For more information on this and other wireless antenna connector types, please consult our RF Wireless Connector Guide.

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