USB Long-Range Extender 1:1

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USB Long-Range Extender 1:1

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This USB Extender uses a pair of conversion units, joined by a standard CAT5 cable, to run USB 1.1 up to 150 feet. By transferring data over low-cost ethernet wire, you can easily access devices at much longer lengths than before. On its own, USB will start failing in as few as 15 feet; over CAT5, you've got ten times that.

Due to the limitations of CAT5 wire, this product will only transfer at USB 1.1 speeds, rather than the high-speed USB 2.0. That makes this product a suitable adaptor for keyboards, mice, cameras, and other low-bandwidth devices.

This product is not recommended for hard disks or optical devices, which rely on the transfer speeds of at least USB 2.0 to be considered useful.


  • Carries USB 1.1 signals up to 150 feet away.
  • Uses low-cost CAT5/5e/6 Ethernet wire.
  • No additional drivers required.
  • Buffers all upstream and downstream traffic for data control.


  • Full Compliance with USB Revision 1.1.
  • Supports high speed transfer rates of up to 12 Mbps.
  • Hardware transceivers in master and remote unit prevent data loss.
  • FCC Class B certified.
  • CE approved for use in Europe.
  • Enclosure: Plastic
  • Upstream Connector: Male USB 'A', Female RJ45
  • Downstream Connector Female RJ45, Female USB 'A'

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