USB Panel-Mount Type B Cable

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USB Panel-Mount Type B Cable
Remotely mount and access USB devices quickly and conveniently! The flush-mounting USB 'B' female panel-mount connector installs into a plate or custom panel, allowing you to provide easy access to remote or inaccessible USB hardware.  

1591-0010C   USB 2.0 Panel-Mount B (F) to B   10 in $ 9.95   510 in stock   Add to Cart
1591-01C   USB 2.0 Panel-Mount B (F) to B   1 ft $ 9.95   4225 in stock   Add to Cart
1591-02C   USB 2.0 Panel-Mount B (F) to B   2 ft $ 10.95   3802 in stock   Add to Cart
1591-03C   USB 2.0 Panel-Mount B (F) to B   3 ft $ 11.95   594 in stock   Add to Cart
1591-04C   USB 2.0 Panel-Mount B (F) to B   4 ft $ 12.95   276 in stock   Add to Cart
1591-06C   USB 2.0 Panel-Mount B (F) to B   6 ft $ 15.95   692 in stock   Add to Cart
1591-10C   USB 2.0 Panel-Mount B (F) to B   10 ft $ 21.95   128 in stock   Add to Cart
1591-15C   USB 2.0 Panel-Mount B (F) to B   15 ft $ 29.95   115 in stock   Add to Cart

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The DataPro 1591 USB cable is an extension cable that can be mounted into a bulkhead panel-mount hole and run through walls and conduits to distant devices. The cable features the squarish USB-B type connectors on each end.

The USB 'B' style connection is generally found on devices like printers, scanners, and external hard drives. This USB-B panelmount extension cable will allow users to plug into a USB wall plate and access such devices remotely.

Perhaps you have a podium connected to a projector that features USB control, and want to allow presenters to connect to the projector directly from their laptops. Or perhaps in a computer lab, workstations need direct USB access to a common hard disk or printer. Or if you're building a custom OEM rig that is itself a USB device, with a panelmounting USB-B cable, your interface question is answered.

This cable is USB 2.0 high speed compatible. No threading is required on the plate or mounting surface—the connector has embedded 4-40 nuts. The required 4-40 screws are included with the cable, and extra-long screws are available upon request.

DataPro's extensive and exclusive line of panelmounting cables is often imitated but never beat on quality or service. We carry similar cables as USB A to panel-mount A and USB B to panel-mount A.

For information about selecting, installing, and using wall plates in your applications, see our Guide to Wall Plates.

To design your own plastic or metal plate for this type of cable, check out our custom wall plate designer. It's easy!


  • Allowable panel depth: 4.5mm (full mating)

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