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Composite Video Cable (Single RCA)

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Composite Video Cable (Single RCA)
Built from high-grade coaxial cable, DataPro's composite video cables are shielded for minimal noise and picture loss, and our gold-plated RCA interconnects protect against corrosion and interference. Simply put, you won't see a better picture!  

1181-03C   Video Coaxial Cable RCA x1 M/M   3 ft $ 17.95   121 in stock   Add to Cart
1181-03P   Coaxial Digital Audio Premium   3 ft $ 19.95   5 in stock   Add to Cart
1181-06C   Video Coaxial Cable RCA x1 M/M   6 ft $ 12.95   7 in stock   Add to Cart
1181-06P   Coaxial Digital Audio Premium   6 ft $ 22.95   5 in stock   Add to Cart
1181-10C   Video Coaxial Cable RCA x1 M/M   10 ft $ 14.95   13 in stock   Add to Cart
1181-10P   Coaxial Digital Audio Premium   10 ft $ 23.95   9 in stock   Add to Cart
1181-12P   Coaxial Digital Audio Premium   12 ft $ 24.90   3 in stock   Add to Cart
1181-15C   Video Coaxial Cable RCA x1 M/M   15 ft $ 17.95   7 in stock   Add to Cart
1181-25C   Video Coaxial Cable RCA x1 M/M   25 ft $ 27.00   99 in stock   Add to Cart
1181-50C   Video Coaxial Cable RCA x1 M/M   50 ft $ 39.00   25 in stock   Add to Cart
1181-00C   Video Coaxial Cable RCA x1 M/M
Custom build at $20.00 + $0.90 per foot.
Some custom products may not be REACH compliant.
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No connector type has had a longer and more diverse history in consumer electronic and entertainment products than the RCA connector, and DataPro's 1181-series is the essential hallmark of that history.

This is a single-RCA cable, featuring two gold-plated RCA male connectors with a span of shielded 75 Ohm coaxial wire in between. The gold plating ensures a durable and highly-conductive interconnect, while the coax video wire is the ideal type for low-noise video transmission.

These cables are perfect for composite video, which runs over a single RCA line to carry a complete video signal. You could use two of them to create stereo audio, or three of them to do component video, but it's generally more convenient to use dual RCA stereo cables and triple-headed RCA component cables instead of multiple single cables.

But this is still a great piece, whether it's completing a CCTV network at your building, running digital audio from your computer to your surround-sound receiver, or hooking up your shark-tank camera in your secret underground-volcano lair. These are resilient, reliable cables, and despite their age they continue to be a very common and highly-demanded product.

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