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Gender Changers

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Gender Changers
Gender changers, gender benders, couplers, pass-throughs, splicers... call them what you want, we've got them! Our complete line of slim, low-profile couplers will take care of your connectivity needs, no problem!  

BNC-FF   BNC Cable-Mount Coupler F/F   EACH $ 4.95   30 in stock   Add to Cart
BNC-FTC2   BNC-F to FTC-M Conn. Adaptor   EACH $ 4.95   20 in stock   Add to Cart
GC-1394FF   Gender Changer FireWire 6-Pin   EACH $ 9.95   9 in stock   Add to Cart
GC-AUXFF   Stereo 3.5mm Gender Changer FF   EACH $ 3.95   23 in stock   Add to Cart
GC-C36FF   Gender Changer CN36FF
Not stocked. Special order only.
  EACH $ 7.95 Call for ETA   Backorder
GC-C50FF   Gender Changer CN50FF   EACH $ 5.95   7 in stock   Add to Cart
GC-D09FF   Gender Changer DB09FF   EACH $ 3.95   289 in stock   Add to Cart
GC-D09MM   Gender Changer DB09MM   EACH $ 3.95   191 in stock   Add to Cart
GC-D15FF   Gender Changer DB15FF (2-row)   EACH $ 3.95   101 in stock   Add to Cart
GC-D15MM   Gender Changer DB15MM (2-row)   EACH $ 3.95   45 in stock   Add to Cart
GC-D25FF   Gender Changer DB25FF   EACH $ 3.95   389 in stock   Add to Cart
GC-D25MM   Gender Changer DB25MM   EACH $ 3.95   70 in stock   Add to Cart
GC-D37FF   Gender Changer DB37 F/F   EACH $ 9.95   75 in stock   Add to Cart
GC-DVI-FF   Gender Changer DVI F/F (DVI-I)   EACH $ 9.95   60 in stock   Add to Cart
GC-HDMI-FF   Gender Changer HDMI F/F   EACH $ 12.95   47 in stock   Add to Cart
GC-RCA-FF   RCA F/F Splicer/Coupler   EACH $ 3.00   62 in stock   Add to Cart
GC-RJ11-FF   RJ11 Splicer / Gender Changer   F/F $ 3.95   88 in stock   Add to Cart
GC-SMAFF   Coupler SMA F/F Cable-Mount   EACH $ 7.95   46 in stock   Add to Cart
GC-TNCFF   TNC Gender Changer F/F   EACH $ 5.95   10 in stock   Add to Cart
GC-USB-A-FF   Gender Changer USB Type A F/F   EACH $ 5.95   64 in stock   Add to Cart
GC-USB-B-FF   Gender Changer USB Type B F/F   EACH $ 5.95   38 in stock   Add to Cart
GC-VGA-FF   Gender Changer DH15FF (3-row)   EACH $ 3.95   1779 in stock   Add to Cart
GC-VGA-MM   Gender Changer DH15MM (3-row)   EACH $ 3.95   90 in stock   Add to Cart

Our gender changers are wired to allow two standard cables to be connected at either end. They are perfect for turning an ordinary cable into an extension cable or connecting devices with built-in cables.

In general, the use of a gender changer (sometimes called a gender-bender or splicer) is less ideal than a direct cable, because the additional connection introduced by the splice increases the signal's susceptibility to interference, noise, and loss. But sometimes there's no alternative, and in those cases, the simplicity and low cost of a coupler makes it a sturdy choice.

Please see our line of panel-mount couplers for gender changers that can be used in panel installations, electrical enclosures, etc.

We also build many types of gender changers to customer demand, such as V.35, RS-449 (D37) etc.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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