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IEEE-1394 FireWire Type AA 6x6

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IEEE-1394 FireWire Type AA 6x6
Connect two high-speed FireWire devices in a flash with this 6-pin to 6-pin IEEE-1394 cable. Fully shielded for maximum protection and speed, these cables are perfect for heavy-bandwidth data and video transfer.  

1394AA-06C   IEEE-1394 FireWire Type AA 6x6   6 ft $ 15.95   15 in stock   Add to Cart
1394AA-10C   IEEE-1394 FireWire Type AA 6x6   10 ft $ 19.95   6 in stock   Add to Cart
1394AA-15C   IEEE-1394 FireWire Type AA 6x6   15 ft $ 29.95   2 in stock   Add to Cart

The DataPro 1394AA cable is an IEEE-1394 (FireWire) cable with a 6-pin connector on each end. FireWire is a longtime competitor with the USB standard, and while USB became the more ubiquitous interface, FireWire continues to be lauded for its high bandwidth and consistent speeds.

FireWire is most commonly used in large data transfers, especially for external hard drives, media servers, and digital video capture. FireWire devices can be daisy-chained together, a unique attribute of the standard, allowing easy expansion at a lower cost.

These cables are stocked up to 15 feet, but can be extended by using our FireWire extension cables. In-house tests have run full-speed FireWire over 60 feet, but your own results may vary.

Most desktop computers, workstations, and external drives use the 6-pin FireWire connector, while smaller devices like camcorders and miniature drives use the 4-pin connector. Products compatible with the even faster FireWire 800 use a different, 9-pin connector.

For connecting a 6-pin device to a 4-pin device, you'll need a 6-pin to 4-pin FireWire cable.

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RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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