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Null Modem Adaptor DB25FM

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Null Modem Adaptor DB25FM
Is your DB25 too null? Or not null enough? Nix the non-null with DataPro's classic 1022 adaptor, which crosses the transmission pairs on 25-pin RS232 cables.  

1022-FM   Null Modem Adaptor DB25FM   EACH $ 5.95   76 in stock   Add to Cart

When connecting from a device to a modem, an asynchronous cable is needed. When connecting two devices directly to each other, a "null-modem" crossover cable is needed. If you've got the wrong cable, you've got no data. Don't want to replace the cable? Cross it over with this handy adaptor.

This male-female passthrough adaptor will cross an uncrossed signal or uncross a crossed signal, thereby inverting the transmit/receive pairs on an RS232-wired 25-pin cable.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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