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RS232 Adaptor DB09F/DB25M (AT)

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RS232 Adaptor DB09F/DB25M (AT)

1031-FM   RS232 Adaptor DB09F/DB25M (AT)   EACH $ 4.95   27 in stock   Add to Cart

Once bitter enemies on the field of battle, the two serial giants must now join forces to overcome the invasion of an enemy of unprecedented convenience and simplicity. If they are ever to stand a chance against the powerful USB, the mighty DB09 and DB25 must learn to work together.

This adaptor is the key to that cooperation, the linchpin to their continued survival. This adaptor is like a wedding, bridging the gap between the two D-Sub families by pairing a female 9-pin with a male 25-pin. Through this union, the RS232 signal can remain strong and overcome greater challenges than just DB09 or DB25 could on their own.

Of course, this union alone is not enough to defeat the parasitic USB interface, which has leeched itself into every nook and crevice it can find. Do you think RS232 would ever stoop to the level of heated slippers, fake fish tanks, and desktop foam-missile launchers? Ha! RS232 was commanding ICBM missile launchers before USB was even a thought in some engineer's mind.

Fight the power, throw off this ubiquitous USB pest and restore the dignity of IRQ and the sophistication of Baud Rate to everyday computing. Keep RS232 alive with this serial adaptor, and usher unto technology a glorious future of its grand past.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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