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SATA to IDE Hard Drive Adaptor

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SATA to IDE Hard Drive Adaptor

So you found an old hard drive, did you? Curious to know what relics lie buried on its ancient platters? But you can't find out, because it's an IDE drive and you've only got SATA?  

1945   SATA to IDE Hard Drive Adaptor
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Maybe it's got the CIA's top-secret NOC list. Maybe it's got a treasure map to lead the bearer to El Dorado. Or maybe it's got the early drafts of that novel you started years ago but never got to finish because life just got in the way.

Whatever it is that's on that IDE hard drive, it's the only thing you've ever wanted. Guaranteed. But with your computer only supporting SATA hardware, there's no way to get all those ones and zeroes out of their cold, heartless, magnetic box.

...or is there?

With this little module, you can add an IDE/ATA hard drive to a SATA system with ease. It has the standard 40-pin 2-row connector for your drive, and a SATA jack for any regular SATA cable. It's powered by a 4-pin ATX connector like a floppy drive (a what?) that comes standard on most desktop ATX power supplies.

Once all the bits are plugged in, there's nothing else to it. Your old drive will mount just like any other SATA drive, and you can dig in and find all that glorious content you thought was so important back in 1996. That novel hasn't aged well, but your photos will sure be fun to email around.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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