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USB to IDE/SATA Hard Drive

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USB to IDE/SATA Hard Drive

What kind of madness is this?! A single USB adaptor that will mount a 3.5" desktop IDE drive, a 2.5" laptop IDE drive, or any SATA hard drive? Not even Zeus himself could conceive of such a multi-faceted USB HDD adaptor!  

US-245   USB to IDE/SATA Hard Drive   EACH $ 49.00   9 in stock   Add to Cart

So you've got an old hard drive with all that sweet music you got from Napster back in 1997. Plus that old laptop where you wrote the awesome screenplay that's gonna make you famous, except the monitor died and now you can't get it. And then that last computer you had, with the savegame from right before the very last boss. Now all those files are lost forever, never to be seen again.

But wait! With DataPro's US-245 adaptor, you can mount not one, not two, but three types of hard drives to any computer's USB port, no questions asked! Capable of handling standard desktop IDE drives (3.5"), smaller laptop IDE drives (2.5"), and any size SATA drive, this converter unit will indiscriminately mount the contents as a removable USB storage device. It's all-in-one, requires no software or drivers, and includes all the bits you need to drudge up your past and realize you weren't as cool back then as you think you were.

It's also great for making backups, if you don't want to pay the ridiculous overhead for self-contained external drives. Just buy a standard internal hard drive, hook it up to the UDE-245, and enjoy your terabytes of external storage.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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  • Package contents:
  • USB 2.0 to SATA/IDE Combo Adapter
  • AC/DC Power Adapter
  • AC Power Cord
  • Serial ATA Cable
  • 2.5" to 3.5" IDE Converter
  • HDD Power Cable

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