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TNC Antenna Extension Cable

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TNC Antenna Extension Cable

Extend your TNC antenna connection with DataPro’s standard polarity male-to-female coaxial cable.  

1830-03C   Antenna Cable TNC Extension SP   3 ft $ 19.95   9 in stock   Add to Cart
1830-06C   Antenna Cable TNC Extension SP   6 ft $ 23.95   5 in stock   Add to Cart
1830-10C   Antenna Cable TNC Extension SP   10 ft $ 29.95   8 in stock   Add to Cart
1830-15C   Antenna Cable TNC Extension SP   15 ft $ 35.00   3 in stock   Add to Cart
1830-25C   Antenna Cable TNC Extension SP   25 ft $ 45.00   10 in stock   Add to Cart
1830-00C   Antenna Cable TNC Extension SP
Custom build at $25.00 + $1.00 per foot.
Some custom products may not be REACH compliant.
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LMR-400 Available! Available with LMR-400!
This cable can be custom built with low-loss coaxial LMR-400 cable. Contact us for details.

The DataPro 1830 series coaxial cable features standard polarity TNC male and female connectors, ideal for wireless antenna extensions. Made with RG-58 coaxial wire, with a normal impedance of 50 Ohms, this cable is perfect for wireless antenna and broadcast signals.

The TNC connector is a screw-locking connector that is very similar in size and appearance to the BNC connector, except that TNC uses a fine threading to lock the connectors tight while BNC uses a twist-lock latching mechanism.

We can also build this cable in any length you request.

Please note that this cable is Standard Polarity. We also offer a Reverse-Polarity TNC Extension.

For more information on this and other wireless antenna connector types, please consult our RF Wireless Connector Guide.

Drawings & Models:

1830PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)

RoHS Compliant
IPC Compliant
Made in the USA

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  • Extend your wireless signal strength using standard-polarity TNC


  • 1x TNC male, standard-polarity connector
  • 1x TNC female, standard-polarity connector
  • Nickel-plated shell, gold-plated pin
  • RG-58U 20AWG wire

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